Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dear Moderator

 Dear Moderator
 Good bye thank you for taking the time to  view my blog 
I have  enjoyed this whole experience and have learned a lot through out  the course . I have worked really hard . I hope you enjoy following my growth as a media student

Friday, March 9, 2012

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

From the preliminary task to now i feel that there has been a significant amount of progression from the two products 

I have learnt how to use cross cutting and editing efficiently when creating my preliminary task when i used the cross cutting technique it was not smooth nut jarred as a black screen appeared in between the two different scenes . when creating the flash back i created the fading effect to avoid the jarring and to make it seem more realistic . 
when we filmed the conversation between the two ladies in the preliminary task we had to consider the 180 degree rule and we had to use the over the shoulder shot to show the dialogue between the two characters effectively 

match on match action

shot list

prelim shot list and script 

prelim story board 

When creating our preliminary task we had to create a shot list and a story board  when we were creating our final product we learnt that our shot list had to be more thorough as well as the story board so that we were able to follow the shot list and the story board more accurately then we did with our preliminary task 

screen shots from my prelim task
In my preliminary task i used soundtracks that had already been created / made when making or editing my footage for the final product i used garage band to create the soundtrack  because i wanted the soundtrack to fit the footage substantially i edited the soundtrack whilst watching the edited  footage if any amends were made to the footage i would have to make amends to the sound track  this was essential as i wanted to create tension in significant parts for example when he began taking the documents off the wall the music changed slightly and when he was packing the music built up. when i was creating my preliminary task i did not think of these options i added music that i thought would  fit the mood i did not think of a change in dynamics or tempo .

When we filmed the preliminary task there was no use of a dolly or the tripod; we filmed  free handedly when filming are final product we learned new skill in using the tripod and the dolly how to create different levels and angles and the use of panning from left to right .

when filming the preliminary task we had to consider continuity; we additionally had to consider this factor whilst filming our final product we improved in this factor by keeping things the same; whereas in the preliminary task we had to re film several times, because one of the characters did not carry the book in the right hand; small details like that can affect the continuity of the sequence . So we learned from that experience so that we did not have to re- film several times as it would become a time consuming process.  

  a link to my preliminary task

How did you attract/address your audience? question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

This is Kenny he fits out target audience because he is between the ages 18-29 Kenny enjoys action thrillers  whether it is a hybrid  such as  action/man on the run thriller  / action/political thriller conspiracy/thriller . our film is a hybrid sub-genre  already we have attracted  our audience because we have a man on the run plot mixed with action and political issues . the films that Kenny likes or are his favourite  are the Bourne trilogy , the 007  , inception , the dark night , batman begins ,enemy of the state and  I am legend , he also enjoys the 24 TV series and prison break . his favourite directors are Christopher Nolan Steven Spielberg 

&Doug Liman . Kenny enjoys watching films that are fast paced and films / TV series  that build tension wisely like 24 

 after watching my film these are the things that he said 
"I enjoyed the film at first you didn't know what was going to happen, because he was searching for things you didn't know whether or not if he was the good guy or bad guy .The music helped build tension because of the beats and drums it came at good parts .  When the flashback came the dynamics of the film changed as you found out more information about the characters and the narrative began to unfold..... the music also built up in the flash back  if this was in the cinema I would definitely watch it the way it ended left us in suspense  yeah it was good "
Kenny enjoys playing and watching football he loves going to the gym as often as he can and he enjoys working in the sound department at N.L.I.C.C

Nasya is between the ages 18 - 44  which is the age bracket for our female audience 
she enjoys watching action thriller  films and comedy's  her favourite action thriller films are the Bourne trilogy and Inception she also enjoys the latest batman films and law abiding citizens 
I asked nasya what she thought of my film opening 
" I thought it was very interesting actually I was surprised to see a female protagonist sooo covered up and  having such a role in this type of particular genre; that made me want to see the film to see if she could be of any use to the male lead other than being  a romantic interest  . I liked the way you created tension within the music you built it up slightly and then it crescendos..... yeah I liked it I would want to see it in the cinema definitely it is interesting to see such a multi cultural cast  in this particular genre well done "

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

 through this media course I have learnt many techniques and skills in constructing various amount of media products . from recreating a scene or opening credits 

when we were creating / remaking the Juno opening credits we had to consider what camera angles we should use that were similar to the original how we would hold the camera what locations we would had to film in . When we had finished filming the footage we had to edit the footage we produced to try and replicate the scenes in the opening however we used a camera and not a video camera so when we filmed longways it appeared side ways in final cut that explains the bad head room given to kamini because of the adjustment process  we additionally had to render the clips each time we made adjustments which was a time consuming process . 
when experimenting with the  effects it was hard to come across the cartoon effect so i experimented with a range during this process i learnt how to add effects and remove them  and experiment with them  .  what I learnt from the filming  process is  that in future sessions we should use the camcorder  instead of a camera  to avoid the complications that we suffered whilst editing the footage .

whilst doing this task we had to  come to create a scene centred around  the title The Accident we had to use our creative skills to come up with a scenario that would fit the title  we had to come up with a shot list and provide a story board  and we tried our best to produce the footage and the shots from the shot - list and story board . when I edited the footage there was a lack of continuity and poor  use of cross cutting  and the narrative was not clear. i learnt that placing the footage on different tracks  in final cut can effect the editing and the final  product 

the more i used final cut and began editing the more progressed in the preliminary task we had to learn how to  use cross cutting effectively we had to  use match on match action , over the shoulder shot , and so on we learnt about continuity and how it is vital when editing to make sure  in this process  is current and reflected through out the  footage in addition i learnt how to embed a sound track into the footage that would  create tension or  fit the mood that was created 

These previous tasks that we had to complete helped me prepare for the editing and planning of my film opening One Step Ahead   we had to make sure that  there was continuity  through out we had to make sure that the cross cutting technique was embedded inside the film and did not seem out of place  we additionally had to make sure the soundtrack suited the film and helped created tension where necessary 
This is the technique that i  used in order to create the flashback sequence in the film opening i learnt how to use the pen tool to 
create  fading or flashing effect when using final cut express  we learnt how to trim footage down so that we could layer different shots/ overlap sequences ; to create a more range of shots and interesting camera angles within our film . i also learnt how to create jump cuts to help emphasize the protagonists urgency and  so that the footage matched the soundtrack .

This is the technology that was used to create the soundtrack garage band when using this technology to create the soundtrack  learnt how to layer different sounds beats and melody's to create the perfect tension building soundtrack 
i additionally learnt how to increase and decrease the volumes of certain tracks to help create the tension at the right moments 

the equipment used to film our film opening 

to film our film opening we used a Sony cam corder though we had previous experiences with using this camera the experiences had were not thorough enough as we had never had any experience with this level of filming. because of our previous task we were able to know about correct framing which came in handy when using the Sony cam corder as we were able to frame our character correctly in the shot . we could only use the camcorder by itself without the tripod for some shots as the camera would become shaky and it would tarnish the quality of the shot 

when we were filming the opening the lighting was essential as we desired for the setting to be dark so when we used the lights we had to make sure that there were no fluctuations we had to keep the lighting consistent throughout so it would add to the continuity. but if he lighting was too dark it would reflect in the quality of the footage .  we attached one of the light s to the camera and used one through the diffuser to give  the correct lighting needed but we had to keep the lighting consistent or it would be obvious to the viewers  . to give the allusion to the audience  that our protagonist was incognito 
the tripod helped steady the camera it additionally  helped shoot shots that we may not necessarily be able to do steadily and as well without it like a panning shot we learnt that using the tripod was more successful than using our hands to do this camera technique 
Using the dolly was useful because it helped us track the character successfully as tracking is more a more successful technique to use than using the zoom button on the camera . however they were some problems that we encountered whilst using the dolly one of those problems were that in a small confined space that we were in we found it a struggle to move the dolly around successfully without it affecting the footage  in addition when we had to remove the tripod for a different shot and attach it again we struggled to make the levels symmetrical and the width of the base as it spanned out to widely . 

This technology helped us to build  upon our knowledge of a practical task given in media ; we learnt a significant amount throughout the process about creating and editing film. We were able to see the effect of storyboards and shot lists and how when on location it is difficult to create some shots  the way that we intended to do , which resulted in some  improvisation of the shots . However we learned after that we are also able to manipulate our filmed  footage to suit us further with effects and trimming . For example when we realised that there would be trouble with a lack of continuity with one our shots we decided to reverse the action so that it flowed onto the next scene correctly and fluently 

Who would be the audience for your media product? question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Due To the presence of a supporting protagonist who is a woman , we may have  consider females as being the secondary target  audience for our film.  we have decided that They would be between the ages of 18 to 44  I have found from film statistics on IMDB for films such as Bourne Identity and Enemy of the State show differing levels of interest from varying ages of females. from the evidence shown below more females between the ages 30-44 watched the Bourne identity  whereas more females aged 18-29 watched the enemy of the state . so making the age bracket for our target audience 18-44 would be ideal  as judging from the results gathered  those ages made up a large amount of the female audience who watched these man on the run / political thriller films .

Bourne Identity

Enemy of the State

from this interview I conducted I found out that are target audience prefer to watch action thriller s whether it is a hybrid or a standalone genre Bourne identity was one of our inspirations for our film opening . one of the people we interviewed mentioned that that was their favourite action thriller .

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?question3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

if we were given the opportunity to distribute our film  there are  few independent british companies that may be able to  produce and distribute the film . we would have to use a british independent film company because our film would only  appeal to them . the independent film companies such as Momentum pictures  or Film4.

 this is because ONE STEP AHEAD is an independent film with an unknown cast and an unknown director our  props locations and costumes show that the film is very low budget  . Momentum and FILM4 would be the ideal companies to produce because they are known for distributing films for growth rather than achieving a big gross revenue such as larger film distributors such as Warner Brothers or 20th Century Fox do and who are also known for producing big budget films .
 the dark knight by Warner Bro's
20th century fox 
with the right amount of research and the right promotion techniques are film is most likely to be a success  the type of promotion  companies or websites that would enable our film to be a success such as IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or on YouTube, our film being promoted or rated by these sites could attract audience attention people may want to watch our film or it may alert people that our film is out there  it could also enable the spreading of the release of our to be promoted  film via word and mouth . If film companies are interested in our concept they may attempt to contact us and fund our filming, production and marketing.   in addition to promote our film the production company could produce a website for it  which we could add an official trailer to the site and allow visitors to view information about the film an additionally view the trailer , view behind the scenes of our movie , interviews with the cast and crew and purchase promotional tickets for up - coming events . another technique/ or strategy that we could use is visible product tie-ins so that we can collaborate with companies that are linked to our target audience 

our film is most likely to gain attention and attract an audience  because of the controversy surrounding the narrative racism in a wider society , how the characters are portrayed and the male protagonist that has been framed and targeted because of his racial heritage  the film may receive a significant amount of criticism and people may be interested in finding out what would actually happen  one of the inspirations for our narrative  was season 8 of 24 the tv series

How does your media product represent particular social groups? question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?